Venturing Awards

The Venturing program features a challenging series of four awards that one can earn: the Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit Awards. The Venturing Summit Award is equivalent to the rank of Eagle in Scouting.

A Venturer earns these awards in sequence, demonstrating progressively greater commitment to their crew, to personal growth, leadership challenges, project and event management, and teaching and mentoring others. Venturers will be challenged to assemble a team of fellow Crew members to complete tasks, seek help from and provide service to the community, promote ethical decision making within the Crew and demonstrate personal growth and maturity while developing leadership skills.

Below is a snapshot of the spirit of each of the Venturing Awards:

Venturing Award

A new crew member makes a commitment to join a crew, gains an introduction to what is in store for them in their crew and begins their involvement in crew activity.

Discovery Award

A Venturer begins to discover their own talents and develops new skills and competencies as they challenge themselves through participation in crew activities. They complete some foundational formal training.

Pathfinder Award

The Venturer plans and leads more crew events of significant complexity and duration, serves in a position of leadership, delves further into formal training and self-reflection as they experience personal challenges and growth.

Summit Award

This highest Venturing award demands a Venturer to continue service to their crew in a leadership role, becoming a mentor to others, taking their Venturing involvement to beyond their crew, plan and execute a major service project.

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