Adult Leader Training

Without trained volunteers, our fencing competitions, our Pinewood Derby, our Jamborees, our Eagle projects literally would collapse overnight.

We are able to implement a consistent skills- and values-based program across our areas of interest only because adults participate in on-line, half-day or multi-day training, and then deliver that substance and ethos in their work with youth.

Our watchwords are: “Everybody Helps. ” And everybody does!

All adult leaders should take the Youth Protection Training and the Fast-Start Training for whichever Boy Scout Program your son is in (e.g. Tiger Cubs, Cubs, Webelos or Boy Scouts). Learn more about the various training programs for:

Some of the BSA training program is available on-line, and information about its many elements are described on-line at the national BSA website at

Adult Position Specific Training Requirements

Here are the current requirements for Position Trained Leaders for all Traditional Programs: