What does the Council do for the Units?

The Council Maintains a Service Center with trained staff to:

Help the leader with administration of the unit:

  • Handle registration, Boy’s Life subscriptions, and special requests to the national office and other organizations.
  • Maintain a supply of literature, insignia forms, certificates, etc. needed by the unit.
  • Keep records of advancement, membership, training, tour permits, etc., necessary for unit operation.
  • Create notices, minutes, agendas, etc., for council committees developing programs for the benefit of units (or each unit).
  • Field phone calls and volunteers needing information related to unit operation and procedures.
  • Dispense regular and special forms, applications, publications, certificates and literature, helpful in unit programs (or the unit’s program).
  • Produce council calendars, schedules, programs, kits, etc. to assist leaders and their committees.
  • Make reservations for videos, equipment, camps, camporees, jamborees, training courses, Exploring activities, annual council meetings, troop/pack/venturer leader and training events.
  • Provide a conference room for meetings of the Executive Board and council sponsored committees.

To assist Leaders, the Council Staff counsel, guide and inspire through:

  • Personal and cheerful service.
  • Informal training in unit operation.
  • Person to Person counseling on unit relationships, administrative, and operational problems.
  • Guidance of all committees, commissioners, roundtables, meetings, conferences, courses, and council activities in the development of programs that directly benefit leaders and units.
  • Contacts with community resources (clubs, churches, government, etc.) to secure help for all units that they could not obtain alone, for example: use of parks, recreation areas, and buildings for special affairs.
  • To provide the Unit with activities and service, the Council

    • Organizes camporees, Cub Scout Day Camp, jamborees, high adventure trips, bike rodeos, pinewood derbies, Webelos Woods, while keeping costs to participants to a minimum.
    • Works with community groups to arrange Scout participation in civic affairs and Good Turn Projects.
    • Recruits and trains commissioners to assist with unit program standards.

    In educational/relationship programs, the Council provides the Leader with:

    • Library of videos, projectors, screens for use in training and promotional programs.
    • Training courses with appropriate training materials and syllabi
    • Monthly Roundtables for the benefit of leaders; committees for the benefit of leaders, scoutmasters, assistants and den leaders. Providing materials and support staff.
    • Scouter Recognition such as distinguished Scouters, leader awards, Award of Merit, Silver Beaver etc.
    • Merit badge Counselors in more than 100 subjects.
    • Advancement forms and certificates.

    In the field of camping and outdoor activities, the Council:

    • Furnishes unit leader guidebooks, camp slides, folders, literature and other aids to units with their outdoor programs.
    • Provides scholarships or “camperships” for Scouts who need some financial help to have a summertime experience.
    • Offers units the high adventure of Philmont Scout Ranch, high adventure bases, national jamborees, camporees and other special events. These would not exist without a council giving leadership and coordination.

    In the field of mariner activities, the Council

    • Offers a Sea Scouting program by providing a ship for training and sea adventure programs.

    To help the Leader develop Unit programs, the Council provides:

    • Program Helps: program planning charts, calendar of activities, meeting and special events.
    • Awards such as ribbons, certificate, quality unit and Eagle Scout Recognitions.
    • Materials such as camporee ribbons, posters, pinewood derby cars.
    • Books, pamphlets, folders, videos and special aids from the National Council.

    To protect the Unit Leader, the Council:

    • Screens requests for services, money-earning proposals, guards against improper use of Scouting for commercialism and exploitation.
    • Maintains a liability policy for the protection of all leaders.
    • Makes available staff members on 24-hour basis to meet any emergency.