Outstanding Venturers Receive Gold Award!Venturing/LFL/Explorer News—May 8, 2011

Outstanding Venturers Madison Silver & Jenny Thompson just completed their requirements for the Venturing Gold Awards. This is the second of the series of Venturing Awards. On May 8, they presented their work to a Gold Award review committee led by their crew's president, Charlie Wetherbee. The committee will recommend to the Piedmont BSA Council to grant this award to these girls.

The two Venturers, seniors at PHS, have been active members of the Piedmont Community Service Crew 22, popularly known as "Venture Crew". After joining at the start of their sophomore years, these best friends became enthusiastic and active members. A year ago, they were elected by their fellow crew members: Madi as the Administrative Vice President, and Jenny as the Program VP. In addition to the rigors of athletics, college applications, attending crew events, and their leadership duties, these girls took on the challenge of earning first their Venturing Bronze awards, then their Gold Awards.

These girls now plan to work on the esteemed Venturing Silver award.

Although few Piedmont Venturers have achieved these awards, BSA Council VP of Venturing, Liz Laub is "on a mission" to raise the awareness of these awards to increase the participation rate. Working on these Venturing Awards pushes the youth to grow: they must plan and organize, set goals in collaboration with the crew advisor, learn and practice new skills, share their knowledge while using a variety of communication means, and give back to their crew and community.