Troop 1 Camp KernBoy Scout News—July 5, 2015

Sunday July 5th, after a successful Fundraiser at the Piedmont Parade, 30 Troop 1 Scouts buzzed up to the Central Sierra Nevada then boated over to Camp Kern. Yes the drought is State wide, but currently Lake Huntington is running at 70% full and the waterfront is open! Swimming, boating and fishing, aplenty! Weather promises mostly clear, warm skies with some afternoon Thunder Showers. No worries, Senior Patrol Leaders Tuck Palmeri and Griff Lymburn have got it covered. Yes, Adult Leaders Seamus, Seth and Mike McConathy remain ever vigilant and will have time for their fun too.

Bottom L-R; SPL Tuck Palmeri, Mike McConathy, Jack Peterson, Bradly Chan, Robert Langer, Joseph Haggerty, Tait Adamson, Ricky Lam, ASPL Griff Lymburn,
Max Potterton, Harrison Miller, Alex Hilton, Seamus Meagher, Joseph Hempeck, Jono Tiao, Daren Cheng, Kyle Lam, Edward He, Luke Welch, Hats, Hats,
Life Jackets, and all happy faces!