Scout Leadership Positions

Senior Patrol Leader*

  • Leads patrol leaders’ council.
  • Serves as the top boy leader of his troop.
  • Maintains information on the whereabouts of troop members.
  • Works directly with the Scoutmaster in administering troop operations.
  • Through the patrol leaders, is responsible for the appearance of Scouts with regard to cleanliness and proper uniforming.
  • Maintains schedules within the troop camp covering reveille, meal hours, and other special assignments received from subcamp directors.
  • Organizes all formations of the troop.
  • Makes bed check at taps each evening and reports and accounts for all members of the troop to the Scoutmaster.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader*

  • Acts in the absence of the senior patrol leader and assists the senior patrol leader as directed.
  • Works with the first assistant Scoutmaster in administering troop activities and participation in campwide events.


  • Is responsible for troop equipment and supplies.
  • Works with the second assistant Scoutmaster for storage and issuance of all equipment and supplies belonging to the troop or issued to it at the jamboree.
  • Maintains an inventory of all equipment and supplies, and is responsible through the second assistant Scoutmaster for the return in good repair of all equipment to the subcamp equipment and maintenance officer and to the local council.


  • Is the custodian of all troop records.
  • Works directly with the third assistant Scoutmaster in handling registration procedures and in keeping such records as required.
  • Keeps the log of the troop and carries out other duties as may be assigned to him by the Scoutmaster.
  • Assists the third assistant Scoutmaster in registering and helping Scout news correspondents.

Chaplain Aide

  • Helps with troop program planning, considering religious holidays and including religious observances during troop activities such as the jamboree troop campout and traveling to and from the jamboree.
  • Assists in planning and carrying out troop religious activities.
  • Tells troop members about the religious emblem program of their faith and how to earn one.
  • Encourages troop members to live up to the ideals of the Scout Oath and Law and the Scout slogan.


  • Takes care of troop trophies and keepsakes.
  • Keeps a logbook about the troop’s meetings and activities.
  • Keeps a scrapbook of newspaper clippings and other items about the troop’s activities.
  • Collects photographs from other troop members to make photo album of the troop’s activities.

Patrol Leader*

  • Represents his patrol as a member of the patrol leaders’ council.
  • Receives assignments for patrol members from his troop leaders.
  • Informs members of his patrol of assignments and sees that they are carried out.
  • Sees that patrol tents, equipment, and the area around the tents are kept neat, clean, and orderly.
  • Knows the whereabouts of every member of his patrol.
  • Gets his patrol to the point where the troop is forming and—when called upon by the senior patrol leader— reports and accounts for his full membership.

Assistant Patrol Leader

  • Acts in the absence of the patrol leader.
  • Assists the patrol leader as directed.

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