Highlander Hiker - Soccer GolfCub/Tiger Scout Event

$15 per person.
Need a heard count by 2/28. Guaranteed 16 minimum.
This is at the 9-hole course; foot golf is 18-holes weaving in among the 9 golf holes. Regular golfers may be playing while we're playing foot golf.

Looking forward to having parents/volunteers assist the kid foursomes with keeping up with the group in front of them and avoiding getting hit with a golf ball! I'm sure adults may play along with the kids if they choose.

» Download a PDF for this event. (PDF )


»April 21, 2018


Monarch Bay Golf course in San Leandro.
13800 Monarch Bay Drive @ the San Leandro Marina

How to Register

RSVP with Bryan Gros bgros@aggienetwork.com