Scouting for Food - Door Hanger Distribution & Virtual Drive!Cub/Tiger Scout Event

Cub Scouts will be distributing door hangers with information regarding Scouting for Food. The Boy Scouts will be picking up bags of donated food on Saturday, November 21st. Please have your bags of food on your porch in the morning.

If you prefer to make an online contribution you can turn a $1 to $6 worth of food, then participate in this year's Virtual Food Drive! Help us reach our goal!

You can also find us under this scroll down menu! "Piedmont Council, Boy Scouts of America"!

Thank you for your support!

» Click here for Virtual Food Drive!


»November 4, 2017


Virtual fund drive:

If you visit the Food Bank website go to the Virtual Food Drive page and click on <Select your Group. Scroll down to find 'Piedmont BSA' and make your donation.

Additional Information

The online Alameda County Food Bank food store will show you what you can buy. For example, your $30 donation will buy fresh produce worth $457.06!