Pinewood Derby Race Day (PCC Gymnasium)Cub/Tiger Scout Event

Start Your Engines! Get ready for some serious fun at Piedmont Council’s Annual Pinewood Derby Races! Sponsored by Piedmont Council, Boys Scouts of America, this year’s race will be held on February 4th at the Piedmont Community Church Gymnasium, and is open to all boys and girls.

Morning races hosted by the Cub Scouts are open to ALL boys, 1st through 5th grade, Cub Scouts and non-Scouts; afternoon races will be hosted by the Girl Scouts for all girls 1-5th grade. Join in the fun! Design, build, and paint your own racecar and compete for victory - or a design award - at the Piedmont-wide race. Invite your friends to participate with you!

To get ready for the races, the Piedmont Council will be hosting two building workshops assisted by veteran builders, complete with tools and helpful tips to get your car in racing form. All are welcome. For locations and to register for time slots, contact the Piedmont BSA office at 547-4493 x2 or go to, calendar.

Take advantage of the chance to PRACTICE before the official competition on the preceding Saturday, January 28th, from 10:00am – 12:00 pm, at the Piedmont Community Church Gymnasium. Don’t miss this chance to work out the kinks!

Stop by the Piedmont Council Office at 10 Highland Way (Piedmont Community Church) if you still need to purchase a car kit. Are you already a Cub Scout? Contact your Pack's Pinewood Derby coordinator for your car.

And don't forget the Piedmont Council office has supplies for sale: weights, wheels, axle guards, skins and Pinewood Derby kits. Also, for more decorative items check out your local Michael's Craft store.

Questions? Contact Jeff Lindenmuth at the Scout Office at 547-4493, or send an email to

Questions about Girl Scouts or purchasing a car kit? Contact Beth Weisbrock at 594-0773. See you at the races!

Pinewood Derby Race Schedule: Saturday, February 4th
Location: Piedmont Community Church Gymnasium

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby: Open to all Boys
9am: 1st Graders
10:15am: 2nd Graders
11:30am: 3rd Graders
12:45pm: 4th and 5th Graders

Girl Scout Pinewood Derby: Open to All Girls
3pm- 6pm: GRADES 1-5th grade

Practice Race: Saturday, January 27th, 2017
Piedmont Community Church Gym

» Click here to sign up for a volunteer slot.


»February 3, 2018


Gymnasium of Piedmont Community Church

How to Register

IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY A CUB SCOUT, come by the Piedmont Council office at 10 Highland Way (Piedmont Community Church) to pick up your car. The event is $10.00 for anyone who is not registered as a Cub Scout. Cub Scouts will be registered through their Den.

Additional Information

Need some additional items for Pinewood Derby and the Piedmont Council Office does not have what you need? Head over to Michael's Arts and Crafts! They may have exactly what you are looking for.


Derby Chairman: Rob Kobal
Pack 3 Havens: Thomas Blanford
Pack 4 Beach: Kurt Gish
Pack 5 Wildwood: Rob Kobal
Pack 6 Corpus Christi: Bryan Gros
Council Office District Executive Jeff Lindenmuth