Pinewood Derby Practice Race Day (PCC Gymnasium)Cub/Tiger Scout Event

Bring a friend to the Pinewood Derby! Have fun and make memories creating, building and racing your car. Cub Scouts should pick up their car kits from their Den leader; non-Cub Scouts can come to the Council office to pick up a kit.

And don't forget the Piedmont Council office has supplies for sale: weights, wheels, axle guards, skins and Pinewood Derby kits. Also, for more decorative items check out your local Michael's Craft store.



Gymnasium of Piedmont Community Church

How to Register

Practice Day Sign-Up sheet for volunteers: We can use your help setting up and taking the track down on practice day! Please sign up with your PWD chair.

Additional Information

Need some PWD accessories & the Piedmont Council Office does not have what you are looking for? Check out Michael's Arts and Craft Store! They may have just what you need.

Pinewood Derby Chairman:

Rob Kobal 510-547-4705
Pack 3 Havens: Thomas Blanford 415-710-4998
Pack 4 Beach: Kurt Gish 415-806-4662 kurt@gish.rog
Pack 5 Wild Wood: Rob Kobal 510-547-4705

Council Representative:
Jeff Lindenmuth