Piedmont Council Eagle Review Board

Completed Eagle applications must be turned in at least 30 days prior to the council Eagle Board of Review, which is regularly scheduled on the first Thursday of each month (except July and August).

Normally, three boys are the most an Eagle Board can review in an evening (about 2 ½ hours), and the council will schedule Eagle candidates on a first-come, first-serve basis, as the completed application is received, until that number is reached. If, as occasionally happens a fourth candidate becomes eligible, he will automatically be scheduled as the first candidate in the following month.

PLEASE NOTE: The Council registrar must receive all paperwork and be approved by the Troop Board of Review before the candidate’s 18th birthday. This is a national requirement and the Piedmont Council has no flexibility on this issue. If the Council does not receive the completed packet at least 30 days before the candidate’s 18th birthday, the Council Board of Review may occur within a 3 month period after the candidate’s 18th birthday.

We will always work very hard to make sure every eligible boy is scheduled for a Board of Review in a timely manner. However, the Troop Committees and the Eagle candidates should understand that almost everyone involved in the process is a volunteer and we need time to ensure that every Eagle Board has adequate time to review the materials presented to them so they can conduct a review worthy of the candidates.

If you have any questions, please contact the council office at 547-4493. Thank you for your help to make this process smoother.

The Eagle Board comprises three to four members who are Scouters, Eagle Scouts, Board members or other appropriate members of the community who do not have a relationship with the Eagle candidates.

Eagle Board of Review Guidelines

  1. The contents of the Board of Review are confidential and should not be shared with any person who is not a member of the Board of Review.
  2. Committee members need to do the following before the interview:
    1. Review his application
    2. Read his reference letters and other important documents
    3. Become familiar with his service project
    4. Review these guidelines.
  3. Goals of the Review:
    1. Evaluate the project:
      1. Determine that the project was successfully completed and that it was sufficiently challenging.
      2. Determine that he directed execution of the project himself, i.e. that he did not complete the entire project by himself or that someone else directed the project.
    2. Evaluate Scout’s attitude and commitment to Scouting:
      1. The Board should be assured of the candidate’s participation in and understanding of the Scouting Program
      2. The Board should attempt to determine the Scout’s attitude toward and acceptance of the Scouting ideals.
      3. A discussion of the Scout Oath and Law is in keeping with the questioning
      4. Does the Scout recognize the value of and implement the Scouting Values at home, school and in the community.
    3. Experience
      1. The Board must develop a thorough understanding of his successes and experiences in Scouting.
        1. Fun
        2. Camping
        3. Leadership
        4. Service
        5. Purposeful Life
    4. Focus on Applicant
      1. It is important to encourage the Scout to talk about himself
        1. Ask questions that require more than a yes/no answer.
        2. Encourage fuller responses with follow-up questions.
      2. We are trying to ascertain the applicant’s current understanding of Scouting, his perception of its value and his commitment to the program going forward. We are not trying to change his mind about any of these things.
  4. Conclusions of the Board
    1. Conclusions of the Board must be unanimous.
    2. If an application is found wanting, an effort should be made by the Board to inform the candidate of what he needs to do to remedy his application and an appropriate time frame to do so. These need to confirmed in a letter.
    3. If a candidate disagrees with the Board’s findings, there is an appeal process, which will be explained to him.