Piedmont Council Eagle Projects

Eagle Scout is the highest rank available within Scouting. It requires staying active in the program for several years, earning 21 merit badges in various areas, providing leadership within one’s troop, and completing an Eagle project. Our council has a rich tradition of Scout participation as well as many Scouts achieving the rank of Eagle. Since 1921, when the Council was chartered, more than 1000 young men have achieved the rank of Eagle. In recent years, they have earned the Eagle rank at a rate of between 8 and 10% of our Scout community annually, more than twice the national average of 4%.

The service project is a significant and often final, step in achieving Eagle rank. The project is not as a “giant good deed.” Rather it is the culmination of years of work. It is a test of one’s planning and leadership skills.

Who benefits? Certainly the Scout and those who volunteer. Each has learned the value of contributing to society. The candidates certainly learned leadership and planning skills as well. However, our community has also benefitted: schools in Piedmont and Oakland, parks and local churches to name just a few, have received many thousands of hours of service. In fact, Piedmont Eagle projects are providing the equivalent of one continuous worker for 30 hours each and every week of the year.

The following summarizes projects from the past two years.

2016 Projects

Scout Name Troop Project Hours
Carson Strout 15 Solicited and installed donated computers, created curriculum and cheat sheets for seniors at St. Paul’s Towers, Oakland. 113
Mitchell Winters 15 Built a Picnic table with benches for K-9 training facility at Oakland Police Department. 102.5
Nicholas Desler 6 Renovated Gibson Center at Corpus Christi Church. 383
Alexander Harrison 1 Built two pant boxes with irrigation for Joaquin Miller Nursery in Oakland. 79
Quentin Porter 11 Constructed 6 lacrosse shot trainers for Oakland Lacrosse Club. 67

2015 Projects

Scout Name Troop Project Hours
Matthew Mahaffey 15 Built 2 benches for Oakland Technical High School. 50.5
Griffin Pierce 6 Built 2 raised garden beds for Altenheim Home for Seniors in Oakland. 146
Brendan Gerrity 1 Built 5 Redwood Tables for Friends of Sausal Creek in Oakland 128
Grant Palmer 11 Built a bookshelf for East Bay Childrens’ Choir 113
Andrew Shaw 6 Built benches and table for Bishop O’ Dowd High school in Oakland in memory of his father, William Brandon Shaw. 196
Sean Hennigan 6 Built a trellis for Bishop O’Dowd High School’s Living Lab. 252
Franklin Johnson 1 Built a storage box for Piedmont Community Pool equipment. 129
Michael Kuroda 1 Created a promotional video for Rebuilding Together Oakland to enhance sponsorship and volunteer resources. 198.5
Theodore Mangrum 6 Built outdoor chairs and benches for Altenheim Elderly Center, Oakland 170
Renzo Downey 1 Picture posts to enable the public to contribute to a time lapse record of Fern Ravine in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland 140
Stewart Ashford 11 Built garden shed for Pre-School program of Piedmont Recreation Department. 125
David Dryburgh 15 Environmental habitat restoration project in the East Bay Regional Park (removing dangerous barbed wire and broken fencing hazardous to park users and wildlife). 123
Austin Willis 11 Created a mural on a brown wall at the entrance to the 40s building at Piedmont High School. 84
Isaiah Roman-Winzeler 15 Built 3 wheelchair accessible planter boxes for Center for Elders Independence in Oakland 65
Nicholas Wiesbrock 11 Build a playground landscape for Wildwood Elementary School hillside 141
Gates Zeng 1 Built 3 work tables for Friends of Sausal Creek Native Plant Nursery (Oakland) 102
Thomas Jara 15 Built a container for food concession which raises funds for a music non-profit, 924 Gilman in Berkeley 45
Drew Collins 11 Bench storage for Havens Elementary School playground 70
Maxwell Bratton 6 Built benches for animal exercise yard at Oakland Animal Services in Oakland 124
Lloyd Ashton 1 Built two bulb tables for Friends of Sausal Creek Native Plant Nursery, Oakland 103.5
Everett Ellis 1 Constructed two redwood tables in the Friends of Sausal Creek Native Plant Nursery, Oakland 65